Living Room Before
Living Room Complete
Foyer Before
Foyer Complete
Peacock Chinoiserie Detail Before
Peacock Chinoiserie Detail Complete
Peacock Breakfast Before
Peacock Breakfast Complete

Anne's Peacock Chinoiserie

Affirmative Colors: Peacock Blue & Macadamia

Anne suggested beige as the primary color. She read that it was "calming" and she needed calm in her life. Her home is shared with two adult daughters, an eccentric house manager and a feisty dog. While beige certainly has its inherent gifts, it's not a focal point color. The life-changing color I see for this family is headed for the blues! 

Before I could retrain their minds calm, I educated each of them on the power of their words spoken or withheld and what colors may symbolize their speech. (All thoughts are creative and words solidify thought.) After getting quite an earful in return, I suggested that we utilize an agreeable blue-based color presented in a HUGE important way and flank the room with calming neutrals. Personal integrity, sharing, communication, and mutual respect bore the success of Anne's Peacock Chinoiserie!

Topanga Kitchen Before
Topanga Kitchen Complete
Topanga Breakfast Room
Topanga Den Before
Topanga Den Complete
Topanga Den 2 Before
Topanga Den 2 Complete
Topanga Master Bath Before
Topanga Master Bath Complete
Topanga Master Bath Detail
Inspired Art - Topanga Path
Inspired Art - Collage
Inspired Art - Masters Contemporary

Joyce's Inspiration and Creativity

Affirmative Colors: Rust & Orange

In a nutshell, Joyce went from aweless to awesome! My color psychology knowledge and contemporary interior design principles changed our lives forever!

As we started this long overdue project, the ongoing caregiving responsibilities for my Mom were slowing down. The light at the end of the tunnel for my Mom was becoming brighter. Gratefully, the light at the beginning of the road for Joyce and I was ignited. In a sense, this colorful project saved us both.

Joyce revealed she had a hankering deep inside to let go and embrace her inner artist more fully throughout her rooms and materials selections, but wasn’t quite feeling she was aesthetically polished, design intuitive nor daring enough to succeed. I soon realized her beliefs went deeper than interior design. This project was perfect!

I know that success is achieved if perceived and believed! While we worked together I guided, I inspired and I tweaked her limited beliefs. I said "No!" and "Yes!" both appropriately, but perhaps not always. I became her design caregiver. I set aside my grief (and even a few of my old design principles) and Joyce set aside her fears. We went for it and why not?! We applauded each other daily to tune-in, let go and fork-off to old limited thinking!

Joyce’s home shines with psychological individuality. It hosts interesting mixtures of pattern, shape, form and color for each room and area, yet successfully ties and compliments adjacent spaces.  Just like Joyce!

To date, Joyce breathes easier and continues to experiment, to push the envelope in every direction, knowing her success. How thrilling!