Hello!  I am Andrew Graham, I specialize in Color Psychology to promote personal wellness in your interior design and your life.

Everyday you have the choice to be depressed or impressed with life.  It is much easier to be impressed!  Use your unique color psychology to impress your life!


Did you know the colors you LOVE and the colors you REPEL "equally" impress your day.

Color has the power to guide you, soothe you, motivate and inspire you.  


Fully understanding your personal color psychology can help change your negative feelings to positive feelings! Positive feelings then can create positive action, acceptance, applause, unconditional love.

Yes all colors are powerful. All colors are good. There are no bad colors. Really!

have found through years of study and observation, it is our understanding and perception of color that makes them our friend or foe. The incorporation of our least favorite colors in tandem with those best preferred,  lend greater opportunity to upscale our thinking and our personal relationships. It is the love within us that makes peace with the areas we fear. 

Think Rainbow Every color we view contains history. Our like or dislike of any particular color contains past or current experience to that particular color. Our color history and our color psychology is unique to our experiences.    Our beliefs, attributes, creative endeavors, personal relationships, are all linked to our past and current color palettes.  


Color is emotional.  Our color emotions are stimulated by positive and negative reward. Past and present thinking.   Our most powerful color selections appear within our daily wardrobe choices and our interior design selections. Followed closely by our car/truck color repetitions  even what we choose to eat and drink consistently!   Every color we choose empowers or slays  until we fully understand our relationship to that particular color.  


Like you, I too seek good, fine, warm, wonderful, endearing, joy filled, upbeat, loyal, heartwarming, unconditional Relationships!  In order to obtain such merry relationships I first must secure the most important relationship of them all.  My relationship to myself.  My relationship to my colors.

FAQ:  How do I start my deeper, more rewarding color revelations? 

Within a personal color reading of course!   I have created for your participation a simple guided watercolor technique. Once you have the materials in hand we can meet online or outdoors.  I  will teach you how your specific color preferences and your thoughts, words and beliefs behind them are applauding your life or hindering opportunities. I also enjoy offering suggestions and tips on how to apply your color(s) to your interior design.    


Color readings are personal, upbeat; they are emotional at times, thoroughly engaging and always entertaining - 

As an added benefit, I also specialize in the relationship between your psychology of color, and the psychology of pattern, shape and form to continue to positively influence the happier consciousness of You!

I am often referred to as a cross between "The Long Island Medium" and "Design Star," but while I don't read the dead, I do enlighten you the living!

Because of my knowledge of this contemporary subject, I have been featured on HGTV and was the lead interior designer for the DIY Network's popular program, "Family Under Construction."

Psst..btw Linda wasn't too partial to the color orange. 

Once Linda understood her orange color psychology she became an even more amazing wife and mom. Linda is super amazing!


Do Note:  Our further conversations may continue to reveal epiphanies, remedies and applications that pave way for an inspired interior and an empowered life!

Are you ready for a reading? Come be amazing!

Your true colors will be revealed!


Andrew Graham