And what about that pink dress?

My client and I soon discovered that her dislike of the color pink stemmed back to that emotional childhood event. Not only was she estranged from pink and its variations, but she admitted being estranged from her mother as well! This revelation became a healing event between her and her mother. My client realized that her mother was doing the best she could at the time. Self-forgiveness ensued. Telephone calls were made and a relationship was re-established.

How did this revelation impact her interior design? 
Together, we created a symbolic transition area at the hub of her home. In this area, we introduced beautiful variations of pink as focal points, carefully selected to complement the existing color palette. This area is a welcome reminder to let go of old past hurts and limited thinking. I believe what we focus on daily is created, and I witnessed a client blossom into a greater expression of life!


I am Andrew Graham, Color Intuitive and Interior Designer, specializing in the relationships between the psychology of color, pattern, shape and form to positively influence the consciousness of my clients. I am often referred to as a cross between "The Long Island Medium" and "Design Star," but while I don't read the dead, I do enlighten the living!

Because of my vast knowledge of this contemporary subject, I have been featured on HGTV and was the lead interior designer for the DIY Network's popular program, "Family Under Construction."

An insightful color reading is the beginning of my process. I ask the client their favorite and least favorite colors. By focusing on their least favorite color, my heightened clairaudience (streaming intuition - hearing) and clairvoyance (most creatives are clairvoyant - seeing) is the starting point to our unique conversation. Color readings are personal, yet upbeat; they are emotional at times, thoroughly engaging and always entertaining - especially when the client is in agreement or not! Further conversations reveal epiphanies, remedies and applications that pave the way for an inspired interior and, with a SNAP over our heads, an empowered life!

Are you ready for a reading?

Your true colors will be revealed!


Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA



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